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Biology Facts & Trivia - Page 3

Slow LorisTo avoid predators, a mother Slow Loris licks its offspring with poison before sending them off to search for food. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Bright Tiger - Flemington, New Jersey, United States

cordyceps fungusThe fungus Cordyceps is able to "mind-control" other insects like ants to climb plants and attach there to become its food. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Bright Tiger - Flemington, New Jersey, United States

Ostrich eggThe biggest egg in the world is the ostrich egg. It could take as many as 30 chicken eggs to equal its volume, and up to 2 hours to hard boil. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Josie - Australia

Goliath frogThe largest frog in the world is The Goliath Frog of Gabon in West Africa and can grow as big as 33cm long and up to 3kg heavy. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Anisha - Dubai, UAE.

ClownfishWhen the queen of a clownfish school dies, a male clownfish changes its gender to become female and takes her place. Submitted by: Susie - Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States.

The life of an eyelash is about 5 months. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Manaal - Dubai, UAE.

Horseshoe crab The Horseshoe crab has blue blood. Submitted by: Manaal - Dubai, UAE.

The nerves in our body are most concentrated in our fingertips. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Manaal - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

DolphinDolphins cannot stay long underwater because they breathe through their blowholes above water. Submitted by: Ankita L - Dubai, UAE

Belcher's sea snakeThe most poisonous snake in the world is Belcher's Sea Snake or the Faint-banded Sea Snake (Hydrophis belcheri). Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Ankita - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Turtles and sea cucumbers can breathe through their butts. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: BJ Caronan

The cow has four stomachs, as most ruminant mammals do. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Nicole and Sarah - United States.

Wood FrogThe little Alaskan Wood Frog is capable of reviving itself back to normal life after staying completely frozen for months, during which its heart, brain and other organs stop functioning. Submitted by: Jaleks

earthwormSome species of earthworm can have as many as 10 hearts. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Jhun Mark Soriano

There are more species of fish in Amazon river than in the entire Atlantic Ocean (Over 2,000). Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Will Bryant - United States.

Chameleon and tongueChameleons often have tongues longer than their bodies. Submitted by: Maureen - Cavite, PH

A worm is both male and female at the same time (a hermaphrodite.) Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Science Chem Geek - Parker, Pennsylvania, United States

Dolphins and whales are mammals that don't drink water. Submitted by: Orange - United Kingdom.

Sheeps, goats and the octopus have almost rectangular-oval pupils in their eyes. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Abby

Giraffes could pass out with blood filling their brain when they lower their neck, so they have a sponge-like organ in the head which slowly gathers and releases blood. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Miia - London, United Kingdom.