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Biology Facts & Trivia - Page 5

For every 1000 red blood cells in our body, there is only about one white cell. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: aDaM14393

armadilloArmadillos spend about 80% of their lives asleep. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Rozelle

The human heart has enough pressure to squirt blood up to 30 feet away. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Cynthia - Quebec, Canada

An Octopus has three hearts. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Sevy - Giddarbaha, India

The Methuselah tree in California, USA, is the oldest living organism (4,800 years old) known today. Submitted by: Kenneth

The Giant Burrowing Frog doesn't croak. It hoots like an owl. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Jethro Alba

Honeybees have remained unchanged in form or structure for 20 million years. Submitted by: Jieian

An alligator may go through 2000 to 3000 teeth in a lifetime. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Jethro Alba

Whales were once land mammals that moved to the sea and adapted to marine life. Submitted by: Faye

The tongue of a blue whale is bigger than a taxi cab, and can weigh as much as an elephant. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Jethro Alba

There are more insects in a single square mile of fertile soil than there are people on the entire earth. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: jj - United States

The longest recorded distance flown by any chicken is about 92m (301.5ft) in 13 seconds. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Jethro

Elephants can hear through their feet. Submitted by: jakx - St. Petersburg, United States

Bananas are actually giant herbs - related to the orchid family. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Hyde

The adult heart pumps about 7,500 litres of blood every day. Sciensational.com

There are more bacteria and microbes in our body than actual cells that make up the body. Submitted by: Emily - New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: kittie power - Pennsylvania, United States

The blue whale can produce the loudest sound produced by an animal - up to 188 decibels - and detected as far away as 853km (530mi). Submitted by: Nikhil - India

The giraffe is one of the quietest animals: it has no vocal chords to make any noise. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Aien

A goldfish (like most marine fish) can survive in a tank full of human blood. Sciensational.comSubmitted by: Yashna, Canada.