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Science fun page!

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Astronomy Fun - NASA Image of the Day

Let's see what NASA's latest photographs are showing! Visit the image's website and read more!


Chemistry Fun

Guess the Element!

You have 5 minutes to guess as many element names as you can!

Periodic Table

An easy way to discover the Periodic Table of Elements. Just click on an element and its properties are displayed. Easy!


Mathematics Fun

A few geometric formulas illustrated and explained in colour.

Geometry Formulas


Puzzles & Games

Trivia Machine

Climb to the top of the ladder by answering fun questions from the trivia machine! Over 7000 questions from different categories to play with lotsa great fun!! Opens in new window.

Save the animals

Save the endangered animals! Biology lovers will find this game really fun!

Clear the Board

Simple yet addictive game: The idea of this game is to clear the board. To remove pieces, click on at least two connected pieces of the same colour.

Brain Puzzle

Brain enhancers and excercisers for sciensational enthusiasts!