Biology Facts & Trivia - Page 3

Femur Bone The femur (thigh bone) is the largest and longest bone in the human body.
Jaw The jaw is the strongest muscle in the human body in terms of exerting Submitted by: Vineet - India
Mayfly An adult Mayfly's life is as short as a few minutes, but its body hatches for about a year. Submitted by: Pronoy - Sundargarh, India
Fingernails The nails on long fingers grow faster than short fingers; and fingernails grow four times faster than toenails. Submitted by: Micael Gabriel - Manila, Philippines
DNA There's about 1.8 m (6 ft) long DNA inside every cell nucleus in our body, and an average adult body contains around 50 trillion (million million) cells. Submitted by: Steve - Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Bird with magnetoreception compass Some migratory birds have a "magnetic compass" in their body (a sense called Magnetoreception) to help them navigate using Earth's magnetic field. Submitted by: Akki - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Catfish The catfish father keeps the eggs in his mouth until they are ready to be Submitted by: Reedell
Water Bear  Tardigrade The tiny Water Bear (Tardigrade) can survive environments extreme enough to kill any other animal - with temperatures as low as -273°C close to Absolute Zero to as high as 151°C. Submitted by: Justin - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Cornea in the eye Corneas are the only tissues that don't require blood. Submitted by: Pritesh Jain - Sirohi, Rajasthan, India
Giant Kelp Algea The Giant Kelp algea (Macrocystis pyrifera) is the fastest growing organism on earth and can grow at a rate of 70 cm (two feet) a day. Submitted by: Edmer Aguilar
Dolphin asleep Dolphins only "sleep" half awake - keeping one eye open while consciously breathing and floating on surface. Submitted by: Jeevan - Kathmandu, Nepal
Length of forearm The length between your elbow and hand (forearm) equals the length of your Submitted by: Alyssa
arms stretched If you fully stretch your arms out, the fingertip to fingertip length is almost exactly your body height. Submitted by: Alyssa
Lungs The lightest organ in the human body is the lung. Submitted by: Michael Vincent Sotto
Turritopsis nutricula A kind of jellyfish (Turritopsis nutricula) upon reaching adulthood can transform itself back to childhood by converting its cells. It may repeat this to live forever. Submitted by: Nunnally
Slow Loris To avoid predators, a mother Slow Loris licks its offspring with poison before sending them off to search for food. Submitted by: Bright Tiger - Flemington, New Jersey, United States
cordyceps fungus The fungus Cordyceps is able to "mind-control" other insects like ants to climb plants and attach there to become its Submitted by: Bright Tiger - Flemington, New Jersey, United States
Ostrich egg The biggest egg in the world is the ostrich egg. It could take as many as 30 chicken eggs to equal its volume, and up to 2 hours to hard boil. Submitted by: Josie - Australia
Goliath frog The largest frog in the world is The Goliath Frog of Gabon in West Africa and can grow as big as 33 cm long and up to 3 kg heavy. Submitted by: Anisha - Dubai, UAE.
Clownfish When the queen of a clownfish school dies, a male clownfish changes its gender to become female and takes her place. Submitted by: Susie - Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States.