Biology Facts & Trivia - Page 4

The life of an eyelash is about 5 months. Submitted by: Manaal - Dubai, UAE.
Horseshoe crab The Horseshoe crab has blue Submitted by: Manaal - Dubai, UAE.
The nerves in our body are most concentrated in our fingertips. Submitted by: Manaal - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dolphin Dolphins cannot stay long underwater because they breathe through their blowholes above water. Submitted by: Ankita L - Dubai, UAE
Belcher's sea snake The most poisonous snake in the world is Belcher's Sea Snake or the Faint-banded Sea Snake (Hydrophis belcheri). Submitted by: Ankita - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Turtles and sea cucumbers can breathe through their butts. Submitted by: BJ Caronan
The cow has four stomachs, as most ruminant mammals Submitted by: Nicole and Sarah - United States
Wood Frog The little Alaskan Wood Frog is capable of reviving itself back to normal life after staying completely frozen for months, during which its heart, brain and other organs stop functioning. Submitted by: Jaleks
earthworm Some species of earthworm can have as many as 10 hearts. Submitted by: Jhun Mark Soriano
There are more species of fish in Amazon river than in the entire Atlantic Ocean (Over 2,000). Submitted by: Will Bryant - United States.
Chameleon and tongue Chameleons often have tongues longer than their bodies. Submitted by: Maureen - Cavite, PH
A worm is both male and female at the same time (a hermaphrodite.) Submitted by: Science Chem Geek - Parker, Pennsylvania, United States
Dolphins and whales are mammals that don't drink water. Submitted by: Orange - United Kingdom
Sheeps, goats and the octopus have almost rectangular-oval pupils in their eyes.
Giraffes could pass out with blood filling their brain when they lower their neck, so they have a sponge-like organ in the head which slowly gathers and releases blood. Submitted by: Miia - London, United Kingdom.
Poison dart frog The Golden "Poison Dart" frog in South America is the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. Submitted by: Sruthi R - Coimbatore, India
flea The acceleration rate of a flea's jump is 20 times that of a space shuttle during Submitted by: Sruthi R - Coimbatore, India
Railroad worm The Brazilian "railroad worm" has a head that glows with a red light, and has a green light on its side. Submitted by: Sruthi R - Coimbatore, India
A woodpecker can peck with a force as high as 1,200 g's with each impact - equivalent to a human striking head against a wall at a speed of 25 km (16 mi) an hour each time.
A large woodpecker can peck as fast as 20 times a second and up to 12,000 times a day. Submitted by: Kenneth Lugtu